Watch Batteries

They say a broken watch is right at least twice a day, but the family at Gold N Things want to assure your watch is working 24/7. They offer high end watch batteries at rock bottom pricing. You will never find a better deal for the quality. If you purchased your watch at Gold N Things within the last year, simply bring it back to take advantage of the warranty and guarantee. If you didn’t purchase your watch at Gold N Things, the family is still ready and willing to help you get quality work and products for low prices.

Compare Gold N Things Prices to the Competition:

Batteries are $5.25 for most watches.

Need a Repair?

If you are having trouble with your watch, do not hesitate to let the team at Gold N Things have a look. With knowledge and expertise they will tell you whether your problem lies with the watch itself, or with the battery. Saving you time, and often money! If there is more of a repair needed than a simple battery, our repairman is there to help. No sending your watch off with no personal service.